Wednesday, June 15th, 2011
A Website is a powerful tool used to attain new customers. It is a method of communicating with customers, but it is only effective when its core message is received by the intended user.

Often an organisation’s website sits in its own silo separate from other internal business systems. By integrating your website with the systems that run your business, you can reduce costs and increase overall operational efficiency.

If a website is able to integrate with internal systems, such as your CRM system or Outlook, it would be a more useful and powerful tool working both internally and externally to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

An integrated website allows for seamless communication between your organisation and your customers. If utilising online trading, a website that is integrated with your back-end systems, such as your accounting package, will provide an improved purchase journey for your customer.

In order to achieve this you need the services of both web developers and software engineers to achieve the desired outcome. The web developers would spearhead the creative side of the website and the software engineers take care of the technical implementation.

“I often see websites that have been poorly developed in the back end by web developers,” stated Brett Raven, Business Solutions Consultant at DesignAvenue.

“Web developers have some technical knowledge but to effectively integrate and implement complex functionality with a website, the services of competent software engineers are required.”

When evaluating vendors, organisations need to consider the technical complexity of their websites. If your website requires online trading or complex customer interaction, you may need the services of an agency that provides qualified software engineers.

The results of poorly developed websites could have harsh consequences as we’ve seen in recent times – websites being hacked and customer payment details being stolen forcing customers to cancel their credit cards.

No organisation wants that sort of disastrous occurrence.

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DesignAvenue specialies in custom software and web-development for mid-sized organisations.

With over 15 years of custom software and web-development experience, DesignAvenue has come to understand the unique challenges of mid-sized organisations.

From custom applications, to packaged software integration, to website development, DesignAvenue is committed to providing the expertise mid-sized organisations require.

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