Saturday, June 4th, 2011
It’s often said that property will typically double in value every seven to ten years. This leaves many property buyers with the impression that value growth occurs in a steady fashion when in reality it is much more volatile as the property cycle rises and falls. Smart investors look for areas at the bottom of the cycle that are about to start climbing, but how do you know where to find them?

Your Investment Property magazine examined the outlook across Australia to identify at which point each state is in the property cycle. The results varied, with some areas looking set for supercharged growth and others slowing down to a trickle.

The outlook for the state capitals is:

Sydney: on the up
Melbourne: slowing down
Brisbane: time to buy
Perth: on the up
Adelaide: set for steady growth
Darwin: likely to grow, but buy selectively
Canberra: on the up
Hobart: slowing down

Of course, if you are buying property as a long-term investment and can reliably predict average growth over the next ten or so years, the rise and fall of the property cycle may not seem that important. However, according to Your Investment Property editor Nila Sweeney, selecting properties in areas where rapid growth is likely to occur has the benefit of seeing a return sooner.

“If you buy property that grows in value soon after purchase, it will increase the amount of equity you can access and you’ll have more cash in the bank sooner rather than later,” Sweeney said.

However, Sweeney warned that the property cycle doesn’t occur in a vacuum and buyers will need to take a number of factors into consideration when deciding when to spend.

“A range of external factors can influence the property growth in any given area such as interest rates – a major factor at the moment - population growth, income growth and the supply and demand ratio. It’s important to take note of these and pinpoint which parts of the market are about to boom,” Sweeney said.

The June issue of Your Investment Property contains an extensive state-by-state analysis of the property market as well as a free tax guide and free investor pack. Pick up your copy at your local newsagent or online at


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