Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Stressed and tired from spending hours and hours every week battling head lice, and then finding a few weeks later they are back….?

At The Lice Ladies we ensure you never have to worry clearing head lice again. The Illawarra has finally opened the first and only Head Lice Removal and Treatment salon. After many many months sampling and researching their products , fine tuning their techniques and gathering the very best of equipment the attack on the dreaded villains is just about to begin .

Jenny Longden , owner and nit picking assassin has had her battles with head lice over the years and knows only too well the frustration that parents feel " My kids would come home with the dreaded creatures every other week and the weekend would be spent combing and clearing with little time for anything else . Then Steve would have his kids for the weekend and the battle would again be on so yes i know only too well how frustrating it is " smiled Jenny. Steve chimes in " One particular frustrating weekend we were discussing how great it would be to have somewhere we could take them and have it done properly but there was nothing . So we both spent almost two years researching now the we are prepared for the battle "

Jenny and Steve have spent several weeks personally visiting all the public primary schools in the area to introduce them to the business , hand out flyers and offer support to the schools in the area .

"We are trying to promote a No Nit Policy in all schools because if we all work together then we can gain some control over the head lice . Its amazing to me to find that 1 in 4 children right now as we speak has a active head lice infestation in their heads . Its not fair to our kids "

The Lice Ladies use a totally chemical free product that works magnificently well and also are on hand at any time to help or give advice to people in need . " Its more then just a business to us " says Jenny " We feel that its just time that something was finally done to help kids "

The salon has been set up with kids happiness in mind and is full of things such as playstations , dvds , psps and colouring books to keep them happy and content whilst the treatment takes place . 

They also have surrounded themselves with friendly and efficient staff that understand the importance of the task at hand and also know how to make the child feel comfortable in what can sometimes be a embarrassing time.   

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The Lice Ladies Head Lice Treatment Centre

The Lice Ladies are open from 10am to 7pm Monday to Friday and also are open on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm.

Jenny can be reached on 0425359117 at anytime for free advice or for bookings .  

Jennifer Longden
P: 0425359117
W: www.theliceladies.com.au


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