Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Schools, universities and TAFES are running the risk of missing the point in their response to the hype that has been generated surrounding Planking.

LinkBridge's Grant Archer says "Employers should take steps to get to the heart of the matter by educating their staff on the risks of cyberconduct to the organisation, to them and to their future. It is only when the myth of the “cool” is debunked will we start seeing this issue managed.

There is no doubt that some of the images seen represent clear breaches of safety, health and (at times) hygiene, but to address this in the most effective way, employers should understand that this is a social media issue first. This is cyberconduct."

There have always been people willing to play the fool in the workplace. Often their behaviour puts themselves and others at risk. However, in today’s workplace, it would be extremely rare not to have policies in place dealing with this as a misconduct issue.

What sets cyberconduct such as planking, its successors and their successors apart as each lines up for their 15 minutes of fame apart, is that these are intrinsically and fundamentally public events. The new risk created is a risk of perception and image, existing over and above the safety issue or the hygiene issue.

Cyberconduct produces instant notoriety and status. The attractiveness of this is the heart of the matter and it is what must be addressed by Employers, and this can only be done through education of just what cyberconduct can do, and the impact it can have.

LinkBridge helps develop and introduce change programs with leaders by aligning people with business needs, creating the cultural fit you need to achieve your goals. Cyberconduct is a new workplace culture and businesses run the risk of losing ground to the harm that cyberconduct can create if treated by more traditional means.

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