Thursday, June 2nd, 2011
The solar peak bodies today said if the NSW Government was serious about safety it would end the use of the controversial polarized dc circuit breakers, which are industry standard for all solar installations in Australia.

Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES) and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) today said the industry has been pushing for a change in standards as the dc breaker, which is used to shut down a solar system for repairs and maintenance, is consistently challenging to wire and install.

“The instructions, design and labeling such as plus and minus signs are ambiguous and vary on each model making it difficult for the solar electrical specialist to ensure they are wired correctly,” said AuSES CEO John Grimes.

“Even our specialist electrical instructors say there are multiple correct ways and multiple incorrect ways to wire these products.”

The solar industry has been proactively working with Standards Australia on introducing a new standard (AS/NZ S 5033) which will be open for public comment this month and it hopes will be in place by the end of the year if not earlier.

Grimes called on the NSW Government to work with the industry to speed up the introduction of the new standard. Meanwhile AuSES has been developing an online training module which will be launched this month so electrical installers can get additional training on installing these breakers.

Grimes said this is just one of many solar industry safety improvements that have been in progress to support this fast growing highly technical sector.

Solar installers are qualified electricians with additional solar accreditation training and qualifications managed for the Government by the Clean Energy Council (CEC).

The solar industry is campaigning against retrospective legislation that will cut payments to solar households. Last week it presented the Smart Solar Strategy to the Government, which is a detailed analysis identifying flaws in the Government’s Solar Bonus Scheme figures and showing savings of at least $455m.

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Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES)

Since 1954, the Society has worked as a not-for-profit national organisation dedicated to promoting the use of solar energy in Australia. Our members include academics and researchers, the solar industry, and the general public.
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Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

SEIA was formed in 2007 in response to demand from within the industry. Installers who felt they wanted to be unified and represented under one banner with their interests at heart; manufacturers and importers of panels, inverters, batteries etc who wanted to support and grow the solar industry; retailers, researchers and lobbyists who requested a union of like-minded professionals so that all the various interests and concerns of the solar industry could be effectively reflected under one roof.



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