Tuesday, June 14th, 2011
Australia-based incriptus has announced the completion of its round 2 funding and will soon be offering its round 3 prospectus. The company also recently announced the addition of two key individuals in the U.S. to its management team as it prepares to expand beyond Australia.

incriptus has introduced a new data backup technology that offers superior data security compared to traditional data centres, is uniquely eco-friendly, and offers nearly unlimited scalability. Until now backing up data into the cloud has meant sending encrypted files to large, remotely located data centers. incriptus has changed that paradigm through its process of first encrypting files, fragmenting them, then encrypting them again as it distributes the fragments across computers throughout the incriptus user network. As a result, no file can be reconstructed from any individual fragment and no complete document resides on any single computer in any single location.

According to Trevor Glen, incriptus CEO, “Everybody has unused space on their hard drive. We distribute fragments of data across the hard drives of everyone using incriptus-powered backup. It happens in the background and the only place those pieces can all come back together again is on the originating computer. No data center operator ever has access to a complete file and no natural disaster can wipe out a single location of backed up data.”

As it prepares to address the data backup needs of the world, the company announced the addition of two individuals with international expertise to its team. Dr Jana B. Matthews is responsible for organizational development at incriptus and is also serving as a Board Advisor. Matthews has worked with high-growth CEOs, executives and top teams around the world. She has authored seven books on how to grow companies and was named one of 18 Women Business Gurus in the world. Glenn notes

“Dr. Matthews has been a Global Advisor for major companies such as SAP and we are thrilled to be able to leverage her expertise and vast experience as we quickly grow our company.”

Bill Obermeier is responsible for the company’s brand and marketing strategy and also serves as a Board Advisor. “Bill’s name may be familiar to many Australians from when he was responsible for the brand, advertising, media and sponsorships for Telstra.” says Glenn, “We are excited to have someone with his skills and experience and who has such great insight into both Australia and the U.S. and has worked with companies globally.”

incriptus-powered backup will be offered by channel partners and not sold directly by the company. Anyone interested in more information about incriptus can contact Glenn at +61 410 634 678 or visit www.incriptus.com.

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Founded by five software engineers from Motorola, incriptus is a technology solution that encrypts, fragments, and distributes data. incriptus software enables the most secure and eco-friendly backup available by distributing encrypted file fragments to the available hard drive space on computers within a user network. incriptus has received local, national and international awards for its innovative technology.
Trevor Glen
P: (08) 7127 7124
M: 0410 634 678
W: www.incriptus.com


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