Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Chronic sinusitis affects nearly 3 million Australians. Sufferers endure weeks, or even months, of headaches, facial pain and congestion*.

Conventional treatments, such as steroidal sprays and antibiotics can often take weeks to have any effect. Now Nasodren, a new nasal spray, can offer rapid relief with effects that are felt from the first application.

Nasodren, a Sinusitis nasal spray developed in Europe, has finally reached our shores and is now available over-the-counter in good pharmacies Australia-wide.

Easy to use and fast acting, Nasodren nasal spray is an aqueous solution containing cyclamen extract, which helps drain, clear and decongest the sinuses. When sprayed once per day into each nostril, Nasodren thins the mucus, opens the sinuses and facilitates rapid draining of retained mucus.

Users feel the effects of Nasodren within minutes of the very first spray. Clinical results show symptoms such as headaches, nasal congestion and facial pain are significantly reduced, with over ninety percent of patients experiencing cleared nasal obstruction within 2-3 days of initiating treatment with Nasodren**.

Pharmacist and Medical Herbalist, Gerald Quigley, is a supporter of Nasodren and has been amazed at the rapid relief Nasodren provides over and above comparable products on the market.

“I see a lot of patients and customers suffering from Acute Viral Rhino sinusitis and in fact, most adults suffer in varying degrees up to 2-5 times*** per year, with 15 percent exhibiting a lifelong prevalence of chronic sinusitis.

 The result of 15 clinical trials, Nasodren is made from the juice and natural aqueous extract of the tubers of the plant Cyclamen europaeum. It provides a more natural alternative and is available over-the-counter. Its fast acting, with the healing effects being felt within minutes, relieving congestion and providing relief from the major symptoms,” he said.

Nasodren’s dual action thins mucus in the sinuses and reduces inflammation of the mucus membrane, allowing the sinuses to rapidly drain. With very limited options for treating chronic sinusitis, Nasodren is a breakthrough product.

RRP – $39.95 in pharmacies nationally.

Visit www.nasodren.com.au for more info and clinical trials.

References:*Fokkens,W. et al. European position paper on Rhinosinusitis and nasla polyps. Rhinology 2007, Supp 20:1-136. **Gedavenishvili,M.D. et al. Reflex mechanisms of nasoparanasal secretion in the administration of Sinuforte. Bulletin Otorinolaringology 2007: 3: 54-6. *** Bhattacharyya,N. Contemporary assessment of the disease burden of sinusitis. American Journal of Rhinology 2009:23, 392-395. Fabre.M et al. Evaluation of a natural extract on mucus secretions. Sponsored by Hartington Pharma and Rhinology 2004; 3(63) Bezshapochny, SB.

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