Tuesday, May 31st, 2011
Just in time for the colder months, PROSPAN CHESTY COUGH RELIEF has launched new PROSPAN INFANT DROPS to help relieve productive coughs in children of all ages including those under 2 year olds (under pharmacist's guidance).

From 1 September 2008 the TGA advised that over-the-counter (OTC) cough medicines may no longer be used in under 2s. This regulation does not apply to Prospan Chesty Cough Relief or Prospan Infant Drops.

Prospan is manufactured in Germany and its availability in Australia, means that pharmacies now have an OTC option for coughs in under 2s - with the guidance of a pharmacist.

Prospan’s active ingredient, hedera helix (an extract of ivy leaf) has been successfully trialled in children and adults and has been shown to be both well tolerated and effective. One of the 21 published studies included 52,470 children (0-12 years old)*.

Until now, the effectiveness of common, OTC cough medicines has been questionable. “Current active ingredients in most cough medicines do little to speed recovery, US researchers have suggested,” BBC World News reports.

However, Prospan acts as a mucolytic AND it soothes bronchial airways**, making it an excellent treatment for productive coughs. Prospan’s active ingredient hedera helix has also been positively compared with active ingredients from other cough products similar to bromhexine***.

And more good news for those little ones is that the dosage of Prospan Infant Drops is low e.g. a 6-month old infant requires 12 drops 3 times per day (under guidance of Pharmacist). Prospan Infant Drops is sugar-free, gluten-free with no colourings.

PROSPAN INFANT DROPS 20ml (with built-in dropper) retails for $9.95.

*Tolerability of dried ivy leaf extract in children. Karin Kraft, Supplement in the Newspaper of Phytotherapy, 2004:25.
**Runkel,F. et al. An article on the mechanism of action of ivy.
Pharm.Ztg. 2005; 4:19-25
***Meyer-Wegener,J. et al. Ivy versus Ambroxol in chronic brochitis. ZFA 69, 1993:3.

Clinical studies are available at www.prospan.com.au

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