Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

San Diego, California, Smartmicros has announced the availability of miLife Quiet Now! for Blackberry or Android phones. The application helps user maintain peace in their life by automatically silencing the phone during their meetings, movies, religious services, or dinner. The application uses device calendar to detect the begin and end of an event. miLife also allows users to schedule custom events outside of their calendar.

miLife Quiet Now! is a simple application that is useful for all Smartphone users. miLife automatically silences your phone as your meeting (or movie) begins and brings the phone back to normal mode when the event ends. Hence you're not bothered by calls and/or alerts when you are busy.

miLife is configured out of the box to work with device calendar. The application will silence/un-silence the phone as events in calendar begin and end. Users can configure the application to work with all events or only some events based on user preferences. miLife also allows users the ability to select whether to completely silence the phone or just put it on vibrate. It also allows users to specify exceptions so that if people on exception list call, the phone will alert the user.

Users can also create personal events in miLife which are not in the calendar (such as dinner, movies, nap time, etc..) and the application will act on those too. A special “Quiet Now” features enables users to silence their phone at anytime for a specified period. This feature is available as a system menu in Blackberry and as a home screen widget in Android.

Salient features:

  • Easy to use app; you don’t need to be an expert Smartphone user

  • No hidden cost

  • No complex installation or setup requirements

  • Compatible with all Blackberry and Android mobile phones.

  • Quit Now mode

  • Create as many as Events

  • Selected from pre-defined and easy to use profiles

  • Assign Alert as meeting attendees; so you never miss any urgent or important calls while in Quiet Now! mode

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Developing and deploying mobile applications that fit the unique needs of your business can be time consuming, costly, and complex. Smartmicros has the insight and expertise to enable you to deliver a unique, customize mobile B2B or B2C mobility solution in a fraction of the time you might expect.
Zafar Kazmi
P: 888 623-7627
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