Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Genus, the creator of innovative products for the video and photography professional, will launch its latest range at NAB in Las Vegas, April 20-23, 2009.

Genus Marketing Director Steve Rushworth says, “Our aim is to redefine the price point for quality photographic and video products.

“One of the highlights is our limited edition Genus Shooter Backpack, which has proven to be extremely versatile in holding handheld camcorder production kits. Drop by stand C8720 to say hello and check out the new products.”

Genus Wide Matte Box - GWMC
Genus is showing the new version 4x4 Matte Box at NAB. This version has been improved over the previous standard version through the addition of a third bracket screw to further strengthen the two filter trays and reduce the light gap between the two filter trays. The new unit has been widened on the front rayshade and the 1st fixed filter tray, enabling wide angle attachment lenses (such as Century Optics wide angle adaptors for the Sony HVR-Z1 and the Panasonic HVX-200 type camcorders) to be used on the Genus system without clipping. Two filter trays come as standard with the Genus Wide Matte Box, along with a do-nut ring, and a screw in adaptor ring of your choice. The unit also currently has an adaptor bar bracket (for rods) as standard.

Genus Adaptor Plate – GAP
This adaptor plate simply clips onto a Sony V-mount plate giving this unit has a dual purpose; firstly, enabling hand held camcorders to be used with existing camera tripods, and secondly, it is an ideal interface for remote head work.

Genus Advanced Adaptor Bar System – GMB/A
With the growing family of DV and HDV camcorders and their relative lens systems comes a difference with the position of the lens in relation to the central line of the camera. Slightly offset to the centre of the camera can make the mounting of any matte box with support bars difficult and time consuming. The Genus GMB/A unit allows for easy positioning of the rods relative to the lens. Furthermore, the sliding plate on the top allows for the camcorder to slide back and accommodate longer detachable lenses. This makes for a compact unit that can be extended as required.

Genus Professional Adaptor Bars – GMB/P
For the shoulder mount professional camcorders, the GMB/P replaces the hot shoe mount on the underside of the camcorder, allowing bars to be mounted to the camcorder.

Limited edition Genus Shooter Backpack
Genus will also be showing its limited edition Genus Shooter Backpack, and its extreme versatility in holding handheld camcorder production kits.

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Genus Limited

Genus creates innovative products for the video and photography professional. The Genus range of products are designed and built to exacting standards. At Genus, we believe in having an active conversation with our customers. We are committed to making the products you need. Genus products are extensively field tested by video and photography professionals in the most demanding environments. Our motto is "Designed by Professionals for Professionals". Genus products are reasonably price. Our aim is to redefine the price point for quality photographic and video products.
Steve Rushworth
P: 0414872748


Genus will launch its new professional video and photographic range at NAB in Las Vegas, April 20-23. Drop by stand C8720 or email for photographs, pricing and more information.


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