Thursday, April 9th, 2009
Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand, a leading provider of business, information technology and communications solutions, today released ‘Green IT: A Convenient Truth’, a Fujitsu Australia-commissioned research paper that reveals that 95 per cent of Australian firms that have a Green IT policy save money. However, 60 percent of firms have no IT policy concerning the environment.

The research, which covered 310 CIOs and senior IT managers, highlights the key drivers for Green IT policies where they exist and the barriers Australian companies are facing.

Across the board, IT departments are slowly becoming more sustainable, but this trend may be more a positive side effect than a principal policy driver. The main motivator for many companies seeking to reduce their IT energy consumption is to reduce costs. The added benefit is that the company ends up reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

Fujitsu Australia’s Head of Sustainability, Alison O’Flynn will be presenting the research findings at Palamedia's Sustainability Exchange, in Sydney on 9 April, 2009. “The findings in this report give further insight into how Australian firms are responding to the emerging carbon-priced economy and the role and impact of Green IT policies in business,” O’Flynn, stated. “There are real business benefits from taking a strategic view of Green IT including reducing costs, improving corporate reputation and increasing morale….but there is still a substantial way to go before the full benefits of Green IT are realised.” To review this paper visit here.

Globally Fujitsu has a long history of environmental sustainability and places a high priority on enabling customers with tools and knowledge that will help them to leverage and get the most out of their sustainability initiatives.

In November 2008, Fujitsu launched the online diagnostic tool for Environmental Readiness Assessment which further assists organisations to proactively measure and gain a snapshot of their environmental readiness. To take the Assessment, go to

About the Research
In late 2008 Fujitsu Australia commissioned research firm Pollinate to answer a series of questions regarding that status of Green IT. These areas examined included:

* The awareness of the impact IT operations have on the environment
* The incidence of Green IT policies both planned and actioned
* The drivers and barriers to implementing a Green IT policy
* The CIO’s understanding of where to find information on how to develop a Green IT strategy.

Insights were gathered from over 310 CIOs and senior IT managers from various industries across Australia. Data was collected through a combination of online surveys, face-to-face interviews and Connection Research report: Green IT and Sustainability in 2009 – attitudes, plans and actions. For a copy of the research, please go to


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Fujitsu Australia commissioned research that reveals that 95 per cent of Australian firms that have a Green IT policy save money. However, 60 per cent of firms have no IT policy concerning the environment.


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