Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

The Sydney Pregnancy, Babies and Children Expo took place in Sydney  Olympic Park from 20 May to 23 May and saw thousands of mums and  expectant mums come through the doors to get advice on pregnancy and  babies as well as stock up on goodies for their babies.  Rhian Allen  from Lose Baby Weight attended the show and interviewed some of the  exhibitors who had stalls at the expo and spoke to many mums on the day.

Allen points out that a surprising and worrying fact is that  the majority of food served at the expo is high in fat and lacking in  any nutritional value, "Considering the majority of people here are  either pregnant women or breastfeeding mums it is shocking that the food  outlets are jam packed with burgers, pies and hot chips. The venue  should be supplying mums with healthy food options to give them the best  nutrition possible at this important time in their life."

Allen  says she speaks with mums on a daily basis who struggle to lose their  pregnancy weight and one of the difficulties they face is when they go  out with the family and are faced with all the fatty fast food options  which finds them falling off their weight loss plan wagon and eating  badly.  Allen spoke to Ellie from Rose Hill at the Expo who said:

"I  just can't believe that the Pregnancy and Baby expo is full of this junk  food and thought that this would be a 'junk food free' venue given how  many tired and vulnerable mums are attending - it is so hard to resist  and everywhere I look mums are eating burgers and chips."

Allen  says that in a quest to help mums get healthy, feel more energised and  get correct nutrient levels she would like to see venues such as these  take a stand and stock only healthy foods such as fresh fruit and  healthy meals and phase out the burgers, fries and pies that are commonplace.  "If the entry price to these events were to increase by $2 to  fund this then I am sure that women would be prepared to pay this and I  am sure Kate Ellis, the Women's Health Minister, would be happy to help  promote or fund too."


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