Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
We received a couple of very interesting emails, which made us ask the question: When is a fee-free transaction not 'fee-free'?

Email 1 – 20 March, 2009

I have recently checked my bank statement and have found that I have been charged $2.00 for a withdrawal at the local workers club. I bank with ......, but when I questioned the fee with them was told that it was a charge from the Bank of ........... I was politely put through to them and explained the situation. The main point of my argument was that at the time of withdrawal, there was a change of screen on the ATM which said that I was going to be charged $0.00 for the transaction, so I thought nothing of it and proceeded with the transaction. I thought that the banks have a duty of disclosure to let us (the consumer) decide whether or not we accept the charge. In this instance I feel that I have been mistreated and/or misled as the fee was to be $0.00.

The bank has said that they will have the ATM checked, but at this stage were not prepared to reimburse my $2.00.

To read the rest of this story (and find out which bank is involved) visit www.atmfeetracker.com

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When is a fee-free transaction not fee-free?


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