Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been pilloried in media across the world for voicing her fears of the effects of environmental toxins in everyday products such as shampoo, cleaning products, paint, carpets, toys and home furnishings.

Yet South Australian ethical beauty company Y natural backs her claims with scientific evidence.

"With the French Government considering the introduction of a logo to warn that many common beauty products are unsuitable for pregnant women, breast feeding women, babies and small children, Ms Paltrow is far from alone in her concerns," says Y natural director Barbara Gare.

"In France, the Government is positioning itself for global leadership by taking action, despite the risk of backlash from its US$14 billion beauty industry."

The French Health Department has singled out the presence of parabens and phthalates in skincare and haircare as being problematic enough to warrant a warning on the label, in much the same way that Australia insists on warnings on cigarette packets.

“This is due to the known carcinogenic and mutagenic effects of the paraben and phthalate groups of chemicals," says Gare.

“Evidence is that children have a heightened susceptibility to cancer due to the fact they are in a phase of rapid development and growth*.”

“We at Y natural would like to see the Australian Government take the problem of environmental toxins in beauty products seriously.

“And we challenge Australian health authorities to increase the list of target chemicals to include ethoxylated chemicals. A byproduct of ethoxylated ingredients is 1,4-dioxane, a key active ingredient in Agent Orange and thought to be linked to cancers in Vietnamese people and Vietnam veterans.

“We look forward to the acknowledgement of Ms Paltrow and those who share her concerns as being at the vanguard of ethical beauty.”

* Emeritus Professor Hugh Pennington of Aberdeen University has been quoted dismissing Ms Paltrow as being “loopy”, “scaremongering” and spouting“nonsense” about environmental toxins.  

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Gwyneth Paltrow was pilloried for voicing her fears of the effects of environmental toxins in everyday products. Y Natural believes we need to get real about these critical health issues.


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