Tuesday, May 24th, 2011
Perth e-startup Odbodz today announced a new Cafe order solution named CoffeeRunnr. The service allows any Cafe to utilize CoffeeRunnr’s online and mobile ordering technology for its own mobile phone ordering service.

This follows other recent announcements from local Cafes launching new text-message and online ordering services, allowing customers to order coffee for takeout with the mobile phones.

Customers don't want to wait in queues, they want their coffee, and they love to use their mobile phones. Statistics showing the global rise of online and mobile ordering are staggering, Cafes are either going to get on board, or watch as their competitors business soars.

For cafes seeking an easier solution than building a platform from the ground up, CoffeeRunnr’s “software as a service” (SaaS) model, is now the best and cheapest solution for online ordering.

Rather than pay high, upfront development and recurring support costs to maintain an in-house online ordering solution, Odbodz is currently offering CoffeeRunnr with no upfront cost and a low monthly fee, starting at $29.95.

CoffeeRunnr will offer cafes the ability to have an online ordering service with their own menu and pricing, while also listing in the Cafe Locator where consumers can view all cafes near them using their phones GPS location.

“I’ve had very keen responses from thirsty coffee drinkers to the CoffeeRunnr online ordering solution,” says Odbodz CEO Patrick Green. “Now every cafe can benefit from my years of experience in the online ordering business. CoffeeRunnr is a turnkey solution to make it easy for cafes to go mobile.”

Join now and receive three months FREE as well as special promotional assistance. Visit www.CoffeeRunnr.com to reserve a place for your cafe today.

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CoffeeRunnr.com is a project from Odbodz, how did this come about?

A few years ago I got the urge to build something, I'd been working in IT and web development for years, and was gettign stale. So I hooked up with some buddies and colleagues and we got to thinking. Out popped Odbodz Ltd, a bit of an incubator for our thoughts, a corporate platform for building our ideas and testing them out. Some of the things we do as part of brainstorming.
  • How do I know if this project/business is truly ready?
  • Do we really need to raise money or can we boot strap it?
  • How do I do a test run with real users?
  • Is this the first of its kind, or how can we compete?
  • Is our 'go to market' plan good enough?
  • How do we launch this and should we?

* Our Mission
Is to make leading edge, online businesses, build websites, prototype ideas and then put them through their paces. We aim to have fun, be creative, be daring, be bold. We understand that not all ideas fly, but they should all be hatched. We also know that all good ideas must die, so the truly great ones can live. We also value money very highly, and vow not to let our experiments get out of hand.
Patrick Green
P: +61 403 539 010
M: 0403 539 010
W: www.coffeerunnr.com


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