Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Bags: since the dawn of our bipedal leave-taking from the savannahs and tree-tops where we had run, loped and swung, our people have put things in bags. Some of these bags were woven from fronds, leaves, grasses; others, the emptied stomach of large mammals. On occasion, fine handbags were sewn from wallabies and 'roos. Today, awesome designer handbags from Australia continue the fine tradition of us, putting things in bags.

No wallaby skins on these bags, mate! Desabags offer opportunities for putting things in bags across the spectrum of, well, bagging.

Laptop bags,carrying bags, bags for stuff, bags for show, bags for carrying additional bags. Stop in today for an amazing selection of bags!

Backpacks from Desabags are durable, spacious, well-designed and have taken backpackers needs and wants into account. Numerous pockets, pouches, straps, zippers, compartments, holding areas and ties account for awesome backpacks suitable for day-trips, or even longer jaunts, stalking wallabies in the bush.

Leather business bags combine style and traditional purse-like qualities with the space and design for the business woman on the go, but who certainly would never be caught out with a briefcase to carry her things. Durable, fashionable leather, roomy interiors and the ability to mix business and pleasure, leather business bags are the business.

Designer handbags, baby handbags, leather handbags, travel handbags and more are available in a huge variety of styles, fabrics and designs. Baby handbags offer stylish carrying for all of the many assorted baby needs that parents tote with them, and travel handbags provide for all of those adult needs as well. Cross-body bags with many alternative fabrics, designs and features offer huge space for carrying all of things that one might put in a bag, with attractive and easy-access diagonal zippers.

Check out today for designer handbags from down under.

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