Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

What makes a diamond ring truly and perfectly beautiful? Is it the quality of the diamonds? The setting of the stones? Is it the gleaming shine on the metal? Is it the precise, creative and careful craftsmanship? Or is it the final finishing touches – the polish and the sparkle? The answer is provided by online diamond jeweller, Polished Diamonds, who says that it's all of the above and more.

With the launch of a new website, Dan Joines, the CEO of Polished Diamonds celebrates his second successful marriage – the marriage between the craft of jewellery-making with ground-breaking CAD (computer aided design) technology. This means that anyone, anywhere in the world, can buy their truly perfect piece of diamond jewellery via website. Polished Diamonds has enabled beauty to be in the virtual eye of the beholder, because its clients can see an online, virtual rendition of their jewellery before it is finished.

Computer-aided design has been in use since the 1980s in the automobile, aeronautical and engineering industries to create precise design blueprints. Used to create diamond rings, the same technology enables precise design plans to be drawn up for each piece of jewellery made by Polished Diamonds. This means that well before any metal is cast or any stone set, Polished Diamonds' jewellers can create a 3-D wax model of the ring from their CAD blueprint. This ensures that the fit will be exactly what is required, as well as keeping the balance and symmetry of the ring perfect.

Working to the wax model, Polished Diamonds' jewellers create the real diamond ring using only GIA certified diamonds and the precious metal chosen by the client. This is when the technology takes a backseat to the tradition of jewellery making. Each diamond is handset and the completed ring hand polished, until it has the sparkle and finish of perfection.

Polished Diamonds helps clients all over the world to select and create diamond rings just as they want them. Although Dan the CEO, rarely meets his clients face-to-face, he develops a close, personal relationship with them through telephone calls, email and live chat (messaging). Through his experience and expertise in diamond jewellery, he can offer precise advice about jewellery design – whether it's an alteration to the shank size, height of the bezels in the ring setting or inclusion of additional stones. As Dan says, Polished Diamonds offers its clients “a long-lasting relationship offering skill and service, trust and sparkle.” Who could ask for more?

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Polished Diamonds recently launched its new diamond jewellery stores online (visit http://www.polisheddiamonds.com.au/) and now operates in 13 territories throughout the world.
Dan Joines
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