Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

For businesses that want to grow sales revenue and streamline sales processes, the new inzant sales application provides sales managers and salespeople with an easy to use sales system.

As there is no better way to increase sales productivity than seeing customers face to face, inzant sales offers all functionalities in one iPad application to help sales representatives to focus on face to face selling.

For those new to inzant sales, you may be wondering how this solution is different from the other products on the market. One of its major benefits is it allows salespeople to be immediately productive by processing orders instantaneously.

Designed for businesses with two or more salespeople, inzant sales is the ultimate productivity tool that eliminates time consuming paper shuffling and ongoing sales updates.

inzant sales uses the Internet, cloud technology and the iPad Apps to add value to face to face selling. It makes it easy to place sales order, have orders approved and finalise sales.

Furthermore inzant sale is unique because there is no loss in productivity if the iPad goes offline. Orders can be taken and processed when Internet access is restored.

The 2011 CSO Insights Sales Optimization Survey (Number-2000 companies) indicated how salespeople spent their time:
• More than 41% is spent selling by phone or face-to-face
• 24% is spent on generating leads & researching accounts
• 19% is spent on meetings or administrative
• 16 % is spent on other tasks such as service calls & training

inzant sales can help salespeople to reduce the amount of time spent on administrative activities throughout the entire sales process and increase productivity by at least 20%. Sales updates can be made anywhere, anytime from the convenience of the web or iPad applications.

Ongoing sales monitoring gives sales managers immediate opportunities to redirect and improve sales processes. It provides managers with vital information to focus salespeople in productive accounts and to minimise sales efforts on loss accounts.

The easy to use, real-time inzant sales reports help businesses to gain and maintain the competitive sales edge. Reports are on demand from the convenience of your iPad application or over the web.

Mr Neville Kripp, Managing Director, inzant sales explains:

“Armed with the inzant sales iPad application, salespeople can manage customer accounts, leads, communications and reports anywhere and anytime. inzant sales provides huge benefits from day one. Sales data is always on demand and in real-time ensuring that it’s always up to date. Every team member is empowered to update information.

"As a mobile application, inzant sales allows users to upload and check important data from the convenience of an iPad and get instant access to products, stock levels, customer details and presentation tools.“

inzant sales comes with all the benefits of cloud software applications including secure access, hardware and power redundancy, virus protection, backup procedures and storage level of data encryption and high level guarantees on service and availability.

The company has developed integrated presentation add-ons that are simple and easy to use. Better still these are free to exiting users! In the next few months inzant sales will have MYOB plug in.


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Reflexion Solutions Pty Limited

Reflexion Solutions Pty Limited, the developer of inzant sales, is dedicated to being the leader in developing productivity solutions for the Australian and global Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). inzant sales is the first productivity application to be rolled out by the company.
Maria Charlton
P: 02 4929 7766
M: 0411 152 606
W: www.inzantsales.com.au

Sue Kripp

P: 02 4913 5502
W: www.inzantsales.com.au


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