Saturday, May 14th, 2011
Whether revitalising a local shopping strip, directing profits to community projects, or supporting schools, charities and clubs, Community Bank® branches around Australia continue to prove that ‘many hands make light work’.

Over 275 communities around Australia have a Community Bank® branch, combined these branches have returned more than $51 million to their local communities. These funds have helped disabled riders, community gardening groups, pre-schoolers, footballers, tennis clubs, students and many, many others to achieve great things.

Belmont has the opportunity to be a part of this story. An active Steering Committee of business owners, association leaders and keen community members has been set up to make the dream of opening a Community Bank® in Belmont a reality.

In June, two public forums/information sessions will be held at the Ruth Faulkner Public Library to let locals and those passionate about the future of Belmont find out more about the project, and how they can assist.

Belmont Community Bank® Forum Sessions
Date: Tuesday, 14th June 2011
Venue: Ruth Faulkner Public Library – Event area at rear of library, 215 Wright St Cloverdale
Time: Early evening - 6 - 7.30

Date: Saturday, 18th June 2011
Venue: Ruth Faulkner Public Library – Event area at rear of library, 215 Wright St Cloverdale
Time: 10:00am to 11:30am (Forum starts 10am to 11am)

The Community Bank® will offer a full range of quality banking services for personal and business customers in Belmont, employment opportunities for local people, local capital retention, and a local investment option for shareholders.

The Belmont Community Bank® branch will be operated by a publicly listed company, with local shareholders and Directors and will potentially become a much needed source of revenue for local community projects.

Under the Franchise Agreement, Bendigo Bank will provide the products and services, operating systems, marketing support, staff training and coverage of its banking licence. Bendigo Bank will make the credit decisions (assumes the risk), and protect individual customer privacy. The local Directors of the new Community Bank® Company will have no access to individuals’ records.

The local Community Bank® Company and Bendigo Bank will share the revenue from the banking business of the local branch. After operating expenses, the remaining revenue (profit) will be available to distribute to local shareholders as dividends and to support local community outcomes in Belmont.

To help our Community Bank® become a reality in Belmont, a significant number of pledges from the community need to be received. The forums/information sessions provide the opportunity for local community members to indicate their support as a future shareholder and customer, and learn about the venture. Without sufficient community support the branch will not go ahead.

Belmont Community Bank® committee member Denise Barker said, “We are organising the public forum and informational sessions at the Ruth Faulkner Library to let people know more about the project, and about the positive impact it will have on the community. Once the Bank is up and running many community groups will be able to seek funding for their projects. To get the Bank up and running though, we need to have the local community support us via pledges."

To making a booking for the Information Forums, contact Jan Teasdale 0407442136

To make a pledge or find out more about the project please go to

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Belmont Community Bank

Bendigo Bank dates its origin from 1858 on the Bendigo goldfields. Today the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group has more than 1.4 million retail customers via a network of more than 465 branches across Australia. This includes more than 275 Community Bank® branches operated by local communities.
Bendigo & Adelaide Bank Limited has total assets under management of $47 billion and is listed on the Australian Stock exchange with more than 82,000 shareholders.

The bank and its subsidiaries offer a wide range of banking and financial services for individuals, businesses, farmers and not-for-profit groups.
The Bendigo Bank is focused on partnering with communities, believing successful customers and successful communities create a successful bank – in that order.

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