Saturday, May 14th, 2011
Solar Shop Australia Chief Executive Officer, Tony Thornton, has questioned both the sensibility and legality of the New South Wales Government’s decision to retroactively reduce the Solar Bonus Scheme and close it permanently.

Mr Thornton said Solar Shop Australia’s warning to the NSW Government that it’s original feed in scheme was too generous remains on the record and it is now too late to turn around and say that they got it wrong.

“Commitments have been made and Australians have spent millions of dollars purchasing systems with the expectation that they would receive a future repayment on those dollars invested,” Mr Thornton said.

“More than half of the people that purchase solar systems are over the age of 55 and they take tens of thousands of dollars out of savings to buy a system based on the understanding that they will be paid back over the next seven years through the specified feed in tariff.

“When these people do this they rely on the Government keeping its promise. The trust that citizens have placed in Government to do what they have promised and work towards a sustainable future has been deeply violated.

“Furthermore the NSW Government contending that a consensus was reached at the first solar summit is ludicrous.

“While the established big energy and coal fired electricity producers may have all agreed that killing the solar industry was the right thing to do, the Clean Energy Council and Australian Solar Energy Society are clearly on the record begging for greater certainty and sustainability for our fledgling industry. The exact opposite has been delivered,” he said.

Mr Thornton added today’s announcement is a further example of why nationally unified solar legislation is required to ensure consistency in the market and certainty for consumers.

“This decision is a direct result of the previous Labor Government’s poor implementation of the Solar Bonus Scheme, but a promise is a promise,” Mr Thornton said.

“Today’s decision now penalises people who have already chosen or are looking to invest in clean and renewable solar energy, and there’s little doubt the impact will flow back to the providers who employ many people across NSW.”

Despite today’s announcement, Mr Thornton said solar energy remains a financially and environmentally sound way for people to manage their power costs in the face of rising electricity prices.

“Like any industry we need regulatory stability and it is certainly something customers deserve and expect, however, it begs the question of why it has to be so hard to get some clarity around what citizens can expect from government,” Mr Thornton said.

“Consistency is needed in the market and customers require certainty over the price they will be paid for the excess electricity they generate and return to the grid.

“Big Energy ensures they have certainty over how much they are going to overcharge its customers for electricity, why can’t solar electricity customers have those same rights?”

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