Wednesday, May 18th, 2011
There are articles presently circulating in the print and online media which have been republished implying a charity with which Tania Zaetta is associated - Peace for the Children:

(a) Has been forcibly shut down by a government authority and
(b) That Ms Zaetta has been charged for fund raising in Queensland without a licence and faces fines of more than $6,000.00.

The clear implication and theme through these media articles and stories is that there has been some impropriety on behalf of the Directors, of which Ms Zaetta is one, with respect to the use of funds raised by Peace for the Children.

The statements, suggestions and implications are untrue.

Tania Zaetta In March 2011 when the directors became aware that PFTC was not recorded in the Register of Charities in Queensland as had been directed and instructed by them, they:

(a) Immediately and voluntarily suspended the operations of Peace for the Children;
(b) Commissioned an audit of the fund; and
(c) Liaised and fully co-operated with officers of the Office of Fair Trading and produced to that office the accounts of the fund and the audit report.

The audit report verifies that the fund has been operated in a proper manner.

No charges have been preferred against any Directors or the charity.

Statement issued by 'Peace for the Children' Solicitor:


Tania is saddened and disappointed at recent media releases regarding herself and the charity. Her ongoing charitable work comes from a place in her heart.

The untrue and defamatory allegations reported in the original article, which then multiplied rapidly via other media platforms, are being pursued with relevant media legal departments by the Charities Solicitor to have them removed and rectify the false information which has been circulating.

As one of the Directors of the Charitable Organization Tania Zaetta, along with charity colleagues, has devoted an enormous amount of time in the last two years in helping to raise awareness and to assist with fundraising for child victims of war torn countries.

Tania has not had any involvement in the charities day to day business and administration; such matters being attended to by Grant Hilton and other business associates.

Tania's duties as one of the Directors has been primarily that of fund-raising, event organizing, promotions and working alongside other prominent members of the community who share the same passion and hopes for improving conditions of children living in areas of conflict.

Regardless of these allegations, Tania and the Directors are dedicated to fundraising and continue their efforts to assist and improve the lives of innocent children affected by war, and encouraging peace building in war ravaged countries.

Tibetan children receiving their booksTania said today "Just because of a few false and misleading media reports, I'm not going to be bullied or pressured out of doing something that's in my heart and that I feel passionate about - helping people."

Tibetan children in exile in India receive their clothes, books and pens as presents from Peace For The Children. They're very grateful for the opportunity to attend school and now have much needed materials to help fulfill their dreams of an education.

Many of the Tibetan children have been orphaned or sadly separated from their families during the arduous escape from their homeland of Tibet during periods of conflict.

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