Thursday, May 12th, 2011
My Floor is the perfect choice for restoring, epoxy flooring and polishing stones floors in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. They are a family-owned business with a long list of satisfied residential and commercial customers in the area, and their expertise and dedication to customer service make them the smart pick for all stone and concrete polishing services.

Periodic cleaning and polishing is an essential maintenance procedure for any kind of stone floor. Even the hardest of stones such as marble and granite will begin to show wear from traffic in time, and softer stones such as travertine and limestone are even more susceptible to it. When the crystals in the stone's surface get damaged, they lose their reflectivity. Because the stone is reflecting less light, its colors get dull resulting in a dirty gray look that does not do justice to the stone's natural beauty. To restore that beauty requires a professional stone cleaning and polishing service.

The beginning of the process is a cleaning of the stone surface. The floor is mopped and any topical coatings are removed by applying a stone stripping product. These topical coatings were originally applied to protect that stone, but they don't last forever, and before the stone can be polished all traces of them must be removed.

The floor is then mopped with a cleaning solution and machines are used to polish it with soft pads. At this point many services will apply a new coating to protect the floor, but My Floor uses a unique polishing system that makes these "sacrificial coatings" unnecessary. My Floor's system leaves the stone harder and more durable without them, reducing the need for future resurfacing. The polishing process takes off any scratches and scuffs and reduces re-soiling, so the floor will keep its clean look longer.

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Residential and Commercial Concrete Polishing, Floor Grinding and Polished Concrete in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, Tweed Heads and Sunshine Coast.
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