Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

• Apply your brand to a hot air balloon for an incredible price
• Join the exclusive list of brands in the sky with Picture This Ballooning
• More great deals to come from LilBirdie.com.au

The first media deal from LilBirdie.com.au will go live at 12.00 midnight on Tuesday 10 May, offering an incredible deal to put your brand on a hot air balloon with Picture This Ballooning – used by the most enlightened marketers.

LilBirdie.com.au will back this up on Thursday with another amazing deal on a media option that’s available in shopping centres in key metro locations.

“The idea behind LilBirdie.com.au is to build a highly valuable community of marketers and business owners, and use their collective power to secure exclusive deals on media space, niche advertising opportunities, marketing products and services,” said LilBirdie.com.au Managing Director Jonathan Levy.

“Like other group buying businesses, our deals will be offered online for a very limited time and often in limited quantities, so it will be first in best dressed. This is a unique way for businesses to trial different media ideas while reducing the risks involved with allocating often large sums to media.”

The deal from Picture This Ballooning – the leading provider of special shape and branded hot air balloons – is for a large format branded banner, to be located on the company’s famous “Yellow 77” balloon that flies over the heart and districts of Melbourne. It also includes two flights over the city and room for two passengers to fly as well.

Damian Crock at Picture This Ballooning said there are some incredible true stories about business deals that have taken place in balloons at around 1500 feet.

“Branded ballooning combines a memorable experience with an incredible expression of the brand,” said Crock. “Imagine doing business at the base of your own 10-storey brand, while gliding through the air.

“Your brand could be seen by an entire stadium of footy fans or at a music festival, or even a whole country town. Ballooning allows you to fly your brand in uncluttered environments & over well know landmarks. This could include the Sydney Opera House, the MCG and many other locations around the world. The photos and footage make the moment last forever.”

Visit LilBirdie.com.au to become a member or propose a deal.
TwitterCue #LilBirdie.com.au group buying for media space first deal is LIVE, 50% off your brand on a hot air balloon, limited time.

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LilBirdie.com.au is based on the hugely successful “group buying” model applied to the business of advertising, media and marketing. We bring media owners together with advertisers, and business owners together with new marketing opportunities.

Rather than offering restaurant meals or spa treatments, we offer broadcast media airtime, print and outdoor space, cool ambient media and promotional products.
The deals are exclusive to LilBirdie.com.au– you cannot secure the same deal directly from the media owner – and offered for a very limited time.

The power of our members – real marketers and business owners with money to spend advertising and promoting their businesses – means LilBirdie.com.au can secure irresistible deals from leading media owners and marketing providers. The more members we sign up, the better the deals.
Samantha Tannous
P: 0416104033
W: LilBirdie.com.au

Picture This Ballooning

Our company has flown hot air balloons all over Australia, and flies both passenger balloons and Special Shape balloons.
Over the past decade, we have developed a successful and professional organisation dedicated to the enjoyment and safety of our passengers, as well as the operational and marketing successes of the clients for whom we fly.
Established in 1996, Picture This Ballooning is based in Melbourne. Our first hot air balloon was a 92-foot high-flying Sherrin football built for the opening of the Docklands football stadium. We have 14 hot air balloons in operation, and fly our special shaped balloons anywhere, everywhere.

W: www.picturethis.com.au/


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