Tuesday, May 10th, 2011
Technolas Perfect Vision GmbH (TPV), a laser company at the forefront of providing advanced ophthalmic laser treatments for presbyopia and cataract surgery, today announced its latest laser treatment for presbyopia, SUPRACOR(tm), has received CE mark approval and is now commercially available.

SUPRACOR is a LASIK based procedure which is performed on the TECHNOLAS 217P Excimer laser. The procedure can treat a wide range of presbyopic patients, and may also be suitable for patients who have previously undergone a LASIK procedure. The procedure provides excellent distance, intermediate and near vision, whilst maintaining a high quality of vision.

In a multicentre European clinical evaluation performed by Dr. Jean-Jacques Chaubard, Dr. Jorge Castanera, Dr. Dominique Pietrini and Dr. Antoine Roure, the SUPRACOR procedure was found to provide a significant improvement in uncorrected near vision whilst maintaining good distance vision, with a high level of patient satisfaction. The Principal Investigator, Dr. Jean-Jacques Chaubard, from Nice, said, "SUPRACOR is the biggest step in Presbyopia LASIK development in the past 8 years."

Dr. Kristian Hohla, CEO of Technolas Perfect Vision, commented, "The availability of SUPRACOR, in addition to our minimally invasive intrastromal INTRACOR procedure, allows TPV to provide surgeons with a complete portfolio of laser solutions for presbyopia, meeting the needs of the growing presbyopic patient population."

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Technolas Perfect Vision GmbH (TPV) is a leading ophthalmology laser company, formed through a joint venture between Bausch + Lomb, and 20/10 Perfect Vision AG. TPV has a full range of expertise in both femtosecond and excimer businesses, with current innovations focused on laser cataract surgery and the correction of presbyopia. More information is available at www.technolaspv.com and www.better-reading-vision.net.
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Technolas Perfect Vision SUPRACOR(TM) Presbyopia Treatment CE Mark Approval



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