Monday, May 9th, 2011
The country’s leading supplier of solar power systems, Solar Shop Australia, has repeated calls for a unified solar feed-in scheme to help meet the nation’s renewable energy targets and foster a sustainable solar industry.

Speaking at the Clean Energy Conference in Melbourne last week (Wednesday 4 May) - Solar Shop Australia Chief Executive Officer, Tony Thornton, said it was time Australia embraced a solar feed-in scheme that rewarded all generators of electricity equally and continued to build the solar industry to be independently cost competitive with coal by 2015.

“The international race to install renewable energy is still being run and it is not too late for Australia to develop an industry that can create jobs, foster research and lead technical advancement rather than losing valuable intellectual capital to places like China,” Mr. Thornton said.

“Central to achieving this is a coordinated and sustainable feed-in tariff that pays any generator of solar electricity a fixed amount. The benefits of such a scheme have already been successfully implemented overseas.”

Mr Thornton pointed to Germany, which adopted a comprehensive feed-in tariff that not only sparked wide scale, sustainable deployment of small and large-scale solar systems across the country, but has also built an industry that today contributes to a massive 60 per cent of GDP export.

“The average size of a household solar system in Australia is 2.1kW compared to the German average of more than double that and this is despite Australia having the third highest per capita electricity usage of any country on earth,” Mr. Thornton said.

“This is due to the current design of Australia’s varying incentive schemes. A unified feed-in tariff would encourage households to purchase larger systems that meet all of their electricity requirements and not just earn them a rebate

“On a larger scale, commercial and utility scale solar programs are sadly almost non-existent in Australia and, over the coming years, serious reductions in brown electricity will require infrastructure scale renewable projects to be rolled out and funded from a combination of debt and equity.

“A long term sustainable policy that includes a unified feed-in scheme will reduce risk and promote medium to long term thinking that is required to encourage investment in technologies such as solar, and gain the attention and traction of banking and finance sectors.

“A unified feed-in tariff would ensure that households, communities and organisations are rewarded for all of the energy they produce – an essential element to ensuring quality and longevity of solar investment.”

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