Tuesday, May 10th, 2011
This week the State Library of Queensland will buzz with Indigenous languages for the Puliima National Indigenous Languages and Technology Forum (10-13th May).

Indigenous people from around Australia are coming together to talk about their languages and how they are using the tools of technology to help them thrive.

The conference is packed with practical demonstrations and workshops facilitated by local, interstate and international experts.

Discussions will cover topics such as: using information technologies to research and publish in Aboriginal languages; using your mobile phone as a language tool in rural and urban Aboriginal communities; and moving digitised resources to the web.

Puliima will include an inaugural Indigenous linguists’ workshop to allow this growing group of experts to talk together about employment possibilities and engagement with community projects.

‘Using Technology to Bring Languages to Life’, a presentation by the NSW Board of Studies and Paakantyi Language Circle, is an example of the forum’s relevance to a national audience. This presentation will describe how NSW communities are using interactive white boards to strengthen and build language programs in their schools. With the national curriculum bringing Indigenous content into classrooms around the country, presentations such as this will be of great interest to all educators.

Travelling from North America are also two young Native Americans who have been involved in a self-paced learning program of their own Tewa language. Whilst our languages do have borders, the challenges which we face in saving our languages and ensuring they do not become extinct are common throughout all Indigenous cultures around the world.

Daryn McKenny is manager of the Miromaa Aboriginal Language and Technology Centre in Newcastle, which coordinates the forum. Daryn believes that there needs to be a wide range of approaches to both conservation and teaching because the language situation varies so much in the different parts of Australia.

“There is now a wide and constantly changing range of tools available for people to experiment with and use. Puliima is the place to find them.” says Daryn.

The State Library of Queensland will provide a spectacular venue for Puliima 2011, following on from Newcastle in 2007 and Melbourne in 2009.


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Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre (ALTC)

Miromaa Language Centre was formed in 2003, since then their activities have grown to the point where they are involved in some manner with over 150 language activities around Australia, their support extends to supporting many International language activities as well.


About Puliima 2011 Conference:

Puliima is funded through initiatives of the Federal Government and programs managed with the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Daryn McKenny
P: 0428 963 363
W: www.acra.org.au/puliima.html


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