Friday, May 6th, 2011
Renewable Water Solutions (RWS), DTB’s environmentally friendly division for rain water harvesting projects has hit youtube with its new and educational Rain Return video. The educational rain water harvesting video will help Plumbers and those budding DIY experts who have been thinking about installing a rain water system to be more water efficient and combat those rising water bills.

With Youtube now being the place for information and video clips RWS has seen this as the best format for the wider public to become more aware of the importance of rain harvesting systems and how they can save you money off your water bills.

To see the video that will help you understand how rain harvesting systems work, follow the link and see how you could save money on your next water bill.

- Youtube of the Rain Return (

The video provides a step by step guide on how your rain harvesting system is put together explaining the process of catching the rain water through the piping of your house and its on-going flow through to your rain water tank in a simple process that through specialised pumping processes then can be forwarded onto your designated water supply systems.

“We can turn a typical rainwater tank into a complete rainwater harvesting system, capturing up to 100% of rainwater from your roof, thanks to the Rain-Return” said David Burge, Managing Director of DTB International pumps and Renewable Water Solutions.

If you need more information on rainwater harvesting systems, follow the contact us box in the RWS website with your query, and a member of their expert engineering staff will quickly get back to you with what you need. Otherwise give them a call on +613 9525 3844 or email at [email protected]

So be sure to check out RWS’s new website at to see how much water you can save, and how easy it is to do it.

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With extensive experience in electrical and hydraulic engineering, water treatment, green solutions and irrigation, we do more than just install rainwater tanks and pumps.

We create complete water saving systems, specifically designed to meet your needs, making it easy for you to retain and use rainwater and other water sources.
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