Friday, May 6th, 2011

Australia, Victoria, Melbourne – DTB International pumps, designer and manufacturer of pumps as well as electrical and engineering products for “ready-made” installation, announces that the company has successfully registered the trademark for its Control Panel products “Pumpmatix”, through the Australian Patent and Trademark Office.

“Trade marking our pump control panels will show our customers that we are dedicated to our products, and are willing to put our names and reputation to everything we do,” said David Burge, Managing Director of DTB international pumps.

The new labelling will update the current “Smart Start” label that has been covering DTB’s control panels for a number of years. With the fresher red and black theme, it has been derived from the bald new marketing direction of DTB. It is updated to provide end users with a greater clearer understanding of the control panel and the dual submersible pump systems.

The “Pumpmatix”, is a control panel that is an integral part to effective and efficient pump pit systems, by monitoring the flow of your pumps pits water storage, it offers an automated control system that adjusts your pumping capacity to meet your specialised needs.

With DTB’s growth and expansion into renewable water supplies it has become very important to protect its strong name and reputation for quality products and quality service. This trademark of “Pumpmatix” provides customers the knowledge and direction that they are dealing with a reputable brand with years of experience and expertise that stands out from others in the market.

DTB International Pumps, through its hard work in the pump industry of Australia and abroad have cemented its name in the Pump Supply trade, with its innovative projects and breakthrough technologies. With a dedicated team of expert engineers and technicians that will design and implement all projects that you have. To find out more, visit

Katoni Hafoka, Marketing co-ordinator
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Victoria, Australia

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DTB International Pumps

DTB International Pumping is an innovative, experienced Australian company that designs and manufactures pump, electrical and engineering products to meet clients’ unique requirements. DTB is also an authorised dealer for leading pump manufacturers, providing expert advice and a 24 hour on-site service to our customers. Our award winning DTB product range features products for every pump application: domestic, commercial and industrial. The company was established in 1988.
Katoni Hafoka
P: +613 9525 3844

Renewable Water Solutions (RWS)

For over twenty years, we’ve been working with individuals and industry to devise clever, cost-effective, water-saving solutions, whether for private properties, businesses, government, schools, or sporting facilities.

With extensive experience in electrical and hydraulic engineering, water treatment, green solutions and irrigation, we do more than just install rainwater tanks and pumps.

We create complete water saving systems, specifically designed to meet your needs, making it easy for you to retain and use rainwater and other water sources.
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P: +613 9525 3844


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