Friday, May 6th, 2011
A polished concrete floor is, quite simply, the strongest and most beautiful floor available. My Floor delivers diamond concrete floor polishing with a 10 year warranty that it will not scratch, flake, turn yellow in UV light, tear or mark in any way. Polished concrete floors are very low-maintenance and always look crystal bright.

Excellent for residential or commercial buildings, polished concrete floors can withstand a lot to traffic. They are often seen in high quality restaurants because they are more hygienic than other types of floors. Tiles trap bacteria in the grout, wood stains easily and needs to be refinished every few years, vinyl turns yellow and will peel off and epoxy coatings will flake off and give the floor an uneven texture and shine.

My Floor has a signature process that uses no surface coatings that only give the impression of a high gloss. We actually diamond polish the concrete, so the gloss is genuine and long lasting. With a huge variety of combinations of colours and textures, polished concrete resembles granite and is almost as strong.

My Floor carefully prepares the existing floor. The mechanical grinding is done with the highest quality tools and materials and the results will surpass your expectations. Polished concrete is extremely cost effective because the expense of maintenance is reduced to almost nothing. It is also easy to clean because it does not attract or hold grime.

My Floor is backed by the Concrete Industry Association of Queensland. We are famous all over Australia in the concrete industry for delivering high quality polished concrete flooring; My Floor is Gold Coast based and serves Tweed Heads, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

The durability, cost effectiveness and hygiene are established and important, but don’t forget the beauty. The high gloss and attractive colour combinations add value to any building.

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