Friday, May 6th, 2011
The Federal Government’s scaling-back of its small-scale Renewable Energy Certificate scheme could be “too little, too late” according to one of Australia’s largest independent solar hot water system suppliers.

Apricus Australia says while the Government adjustment to the over-heated solar energy panel market is welcome, there would be heightened instability through the sector in the short-term.

“Photovoltaic (PV) solar energy panels and solar hot water are two very different segments of the renewable energy sector, but they’ve both been plagued by problems because of patchwork or badly-designed State and Federal policies,” Mr Taylor said.

“The PV market is over-heated because feed-in tariffs have been over-generous and renewable energy trading certificates have been in over-supply.

“While the Government is moving to decrease supply, in fact there will be a two-month rush to sign-up householders before the changes take effect.

“Many installers will take on too much risk in the scramble to have householders assign their certificates to them, and they will have no real ability to hedge against price fluctuations in the trading market.”

Mr Taylor said solar hot water growth has nose-dived by about 40 percent since the Federal Government reduced its householder rebates.

He says the Government needs to consult more broadly, consider solar hot water as a developing but more efficient segment in terms of CO2 abatement and simplify the rebate system at State and Federal levels.

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Apricus Australia

Apricus Australia is the only solar hot water company in Australia to sell heating units with innovative evacuated tube technology manufactured at its own facilities. Established in April 2005, Apricus Australia’s annual turnover now exceeds the $20 million mark and grew by a remarkable 175 percent over the last three financial years. The company was named in BRW’s Fast100 in 2010. The Apricus evacuated tube system was named the Housing Industry Association Product of the Year in 2008. Apricus was a 2009 Telstra Business Award Finalist and placed fifth in the 2010 SmartCompany Smart50 awards.
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