Friday, May 6th, 2011
Australia’s largest solar power provider, Solar Shop Australia, says today’s Federal Government announcement to reduce the solar credits multiplier from four to three from 30 June 2011 should not sway consumers from switching to solar energy.

Solar Shop Australia’s General Manager of Retail, Daniel Edgecombe, said the move to effectively reduce the upfront solar energy rebates follows significant uptake of solar energy and that momentum was expected to continue.

“Solar Shop Australia has been in the industry for more than 12 years, and the Federal Government’s support over the past few years has led to unprecedented industry growth, including the entry of a few smaller players into the market place,” said Mr Edgecombe.

“While the out-of-pocket expenses for customers will increase faster than anticipated as a result of this change, solar energy continues to be the best solution to manage families’ energy costs, as electricity bills will continue to rise as electricity infrastructure is finally updated and network capacity is increased.

“Solar energy is a sustainable choice and a pure source of energy that will continue to deliver financial benefits to Australian families for many years to come. “

However, Mr Edgecombe emphasised a couple of issues that remain unaddressed.

“The Government announcement assumes the value of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC) to be $40, but as it stands the market value of STCs is under $30 from the trading houses,” he said.

“Another issue is the need for a nationally consistent feed-in tariff for sending excess energy back into the grid. Responsible households who return solar-generated energy to the grid should receive a regulated minimum payment per kWh from electricity providers.

“The structure and generosity of the previous government schemes have encouraged a flood of cheap, no name products and suppliers into the industry. With the increase in upfront cost, it’s even more important for consumers to look for trusted, internationally recognised brands and products.

“Consumers need high-quality solar energy systems to produce power for more than 25 years and add value to the home.

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