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Snoring can not only become a major inconvenience when it comes to you and your partner getting a good night’s sleep, it can also lead to serious health issues, such as the increased likelihood of brain hemorrhage, coronary occlusion, and high-blood pressure. Sleep apnea, an affliction that also happens with certain snoring cases, is also serious health threat that actually interrupts and stops the person’s breathing for up to 10 seconds or longer.

Snoring indicates a restriction in breathing as you sleep and results in the sufferers obtaining the proper kind of rest that they need. The louder the snoring becomes, the more restricted the opening of the throat gets, it therefore leads to troubled breathing while you sleep. Additionally, international clinical studies have proven the following:

  • Chronic snorers suffer from headaches and migraines three times more frequently than those without snoring issues
  • Sexual drive and performance are greatly affected
  • Snorers have a poorer quality of life in general
  • Women with chronic snoring problems are twice as susceptible at developing diseases of the cardiovascular system

In a recent independent user test of 7 different anti-snoring products on Danish men between the ages of 35 and 50 (and their partners), Asonor, the revolutionary anti-snoring nasal spray, walked away as the #1 product overall and #1 in the price and performance categories. This was according to Sund Nu(Healthy Now) Magazine of Denmark.

The 7 different products involved in the testing were:

  • Silence (mouth spray)
  • Snoreeze (mouth spray)
  • Zedopor (mouth spray)
  • Snorban (mouthpiece)
  • Breathe Right (nasal strips)
  • Tempur (pillows)
  • Asonor (nasal spray)

Each product was used by the test group to see which of the 7 products effectively cut down or eliminated snoring, enabling a more peaceful night’s sleep. Both the user and the partner responded to each product’s effectiveness level. Asonor was the only nasal spray amongst the 7 products tested, the 3 mouth sprays scored the three lowest scores.

Asonor is clinically proven in comprehensive clinical studies carried out by leading scientists in University Hospitals in London and Copenhagen. The results have shown that snoring is eliminated or considerably reduced in nearly 3 out of 4 persons. One of the clinical tests conducted on a total of 218 people (and their partners) in a university medical hospital over 6 month period and showed that 70% of the test persons either experienced considerably reduced snoring or no snoring at all, during the test period. Responses from the remaining group showed that the product had helped people who usually suffered from a dry throat.

Asonor is a nasal spray that works by lubricating and softening the mucous membranes. Consequently, the musculature in the throat is tightened, and breathing becomes easier. It is a specially designed nasal delivery system that sends a tiny “jet stream” to the back of the throat. The product is now available through leading pharmacies, and supermarkets Woolworths and Coles nationally. Visit

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SASMAR is a privately owned Australian consumer healthcare company specializing in the development and release of over the counter (OTC) medicines with a focus in the areas of respiratory health, sexual health and family planning.
SASMAR’s stable of clinically proven products include;
• Asonor® Snoring Relief 30ml – to reduce or stop snoring
• Nasaleze® – Natural hay fever and allergy prevention and relief (including protection from animal dander and dust allergies) non drowsy, suitable for pregnant women and children.
• SASMAR Original 50ml, hypoallergenic, sugar free
• SASMAR Classic 100ml, long lasting water based
• Conceive Plus 75ml, scientifically formulated to assist conception
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Approximately one third of all adults over the age of 30 are snorers. By middle age, that number reaches 40%. (Source: British Medical Journal, 1997) According to the Vancouver Sleep And Breathing Center, snoring is about twice as frequent in males.


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