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Couples who have difficulty falling pregnant often face a dilemma; to choose IVF and the allied physical, emotional and financial concerns or to pursue other therapies, sometimes without medical advice.

Dr Marcin Stankiewicz, a highly qualified gynaecologist and fertility expert, is helping couples to achieve pregnancies by combining established medical treatments with complementary therapies such as acupuncture and naturopathy.

Dr Stankiewicz points to mounting scientific evidence showing that a holistic approach to fertility is effective.

“Rather than immediately referring couples for IVF treatment, we first assess all the issues that may affect fertility in both partners with a strong focus on pre-conception care to explore whether a woman can fall pregnant naturally. IVF is always an option, but not always the first option,” he said.

Think of it like heart disease - the first line treatment isn't always a bypass or angioplasty. The patient may need to lower their cholesterol or blood pressure. As with infertility, there is no one size fits all solution."

The team at Ashford Fertility Clinic in Adelaide includes a naturopath and acupuncturist who specialise in fertility and pregnancy, together with a dietitian.

Clinic patient, Tania Wearing, recently gave birth to her third child, after the successful reversal of her tubal ligation.

Mrs Wearing said that although she and husband Cameron thought they might have difficulty conceiving, they were anxious to have a baby together.

“I had my tubes tied 20 years ago after having two children in a previous marriage and the prospect of a reversal seemed a huge mountain to climb,” she said.

“It was important to find a specialist willing to explain the pros and cons of treatment, plus give advice about diet, appropriate exercise and taking the right supplements to boost my chances of a successful pregnancy. We fell pregnant soon after I recovered from the operation and now have our much-wanted son Nicolas.”

Dr Stankiewicz said that couples who have difficulty conceiving should seek advice early - with their GP being a vital first point of contact.

“People are generally anxious about what they’re going to find,” observes Dr Stankiewicz. “On initial consult, I tell each couple that we are on the journey to pregnancy together, a team working to solve the problem.”

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