Monday, March 23rd, 2009

We have a middle aged cat named Oscar. Oscar is an inside cat.

It wasn’t always so; when Oscar was young and hungry he was the terror of the neighborhood. But, for Oscar, as for many cats; life got good.

Cats are pragmatic creatures. They don’t expend unnecessary energy. Eventually he gave up on the outside world in favour of the comfort of soft furnishings, warmth, food, and enough inside entertainment to keep him amused.
He became an inside cat; fat and complacent.

Industrial B2B organisations across the globe are home to many Oscars. They live in the sales department.

Curled-up and comfortable in big fat office chairs that swivel and roll around on carpet. Coffee machines are not far away, lunch wagons roll up a couple of times daily. They wear white full cut business shirts stuffed into brown business slacks over muffin tops.

They attend drinks on Friday night. They drive a nice car. Life is beautiful.
But, things have changed. We now have a global economic crisis; the phone has stopped ringing and suddenly life is a little scary.

But, like Oscar looking at the empty food bowl, the world is full of sales reps attending to silent telephones waiting for them to ring.

It’s time for them to become outside cats.

And that’s the really good thing about economic downturns. It’s an opportunity to strip out the fat, the deadwood and get back to basics. Like how to get out there and amongst the customers.

So here are Justin Wearne’s top 12 tips for getting the sales force out chasing business again (or how to turn inside cats into outside cats)…

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After five years of strong economic performance sales people around the world have become used to a life inside the office. It's time to get them back out there in front of customers. Marketing consultant Justin Wearne provides 12 tips for improving sales


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