Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011
With house prices dropping around Australia and homes sitting on the market for months instead of weeks, home sellers need all the help they can get to sell faster in a buyers market. Authors and leading Home Staging experts Charyn and Kate Youngson have released a new iPhone application.

The Sold for Top Dollar iPhone Application provides instant home selling tips and strategies so owners can take some effective, yet inexpensive, measures to make their property more desirable, and valuable. The app is incredibly easy to use and provides:

* free advice right at your fingertips
* home makeover solutions and ideas in seconds
* free ebook “47 Ways to Turbo Boost the Value of Your Property”
* tried and tested tips to help eliminate the stress of selling your home, like getting your home into top shape, making you understand the importance of preparing your home for sale and everything in between

Charyn, founder of Houses to Impress, consults with clients whose homes are not selling and supercharges their appeal. Her job, she says, and the job of anyone selling their home, is to make "as many people as possible fall in love with a house".

“Sellers are having a tough time getting good prices for their homes in the current market and it takes a little extra effort to move a home when the market is favourable to buyers,” Charyn says.

Charyn and Kate coach home sellers on how to make $1000s of dollars more when they sell. They share their proven results with insider secrets and cost-effective techniques that give homes a competitive edge. You will also receive a free sneak peek at their book 'Sold For Top Dollar – Low Cost Home Improvements to Maximise your Sale'.

When it comes to preparing your home for sale and you think 'where do I start?', the Sold for Top Dollar iPhone App is a handy tool for anyone who owns a property.

Further information, contact Charyn Youngson on 0411 441 038 or Kate Youngson at Houses To Impress on 08 8395 1144.

Bio for Charyn and Kate Youngson
Australia’s leading Home Staging Experts Charyn and Kate Youngson are the mother and daughter team from Houses to Impress, who specialise in providing home owners and property investors with cost effective ways to transform their homes with cosmetic home makeovers and home staging techniques so they sell faster and for top dollar.

Charyn has many years' experience buying, renovating, staging and selling homes for big profits and now she shares her home presentation secrets with her clients so they too make thousands of dollars. Kate has a background in building and construction, design and retail and brings her love of design and creativity to the home staging business.

As property renovators and home stagers, Charyn and Kate have made hundreds of thousands of dollars from solving homeowner’s house problems in every type of market. In 2010 they released their book “Sold for Top Dollar – Low Cost Home Improvements to Maximise your Sale” which showcases the strategies they use to prepare houses for sale so they sell faster and for more in any market and in any location.

“It frustrates me to see home sellers make unintentional yet easily fixable mistakes that prevent the successful and profitable sale of their homes. Instead, they leave thousands of dollars on the table for their buyers. Every home seller should raise the bar and employ certain tried and proven real estate techniques to meet their buyer’s expectations," Charyn Youngson says.

"Most sellers don’t realise that they only need to spend a small amount of money to make thousands of dollars more when they sell. It is a tough market out there and home sellers need to engage every marketing tool possible to get the competitive edge over other houses on the market. Home staging is a 'Home Buyer Attraction System'. It is not just about making your house pretty, it’s about getting it SOLD!"


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