Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011
The iconic Cold Rock ice-creameries disappeared from Townsville over the weekend as signage adorning the city’s stores was painted black on Saturday to herald their closure. However, the former franchises will continue to trade under the blacked-out signage while the stores’ owners work to develop a new brand with the aid of locals.

Former Cold Rock franchisees Paul Bailey and Tammy Hawkins-Bailey have decided -- after 10 years of operating Townsville's Cold Rock stores -- they are ready to put their knowledge and experience into creating a new model of ice-creamery known as IF iCECREAM FACTORY. While most of the concept for IF iCECREAM FACTORY has been developed, Townsville locals will be invited to fine-tune the brand and its products as refurbishments take place over the following weeks.

According to Mrs Hawkins-Bailey, IF iCECREAM FACTORY will give icecream lovers a fun, unique way to enjoy their favourite icecream flavours and try something a little different.

"Fans of the mix-in craze will be glad to know that IF iCECREAM FACTORY will not do away with the option to add fruits, nuts and sweets to their icecream," said Mrs Bailey-Hawkins.

"Rather, we will be taking the customisation concept to the next level by giving customers even more opportunity to let their imaginations run wild when tailoring their icecream creations."

Mr Bailey said they were excited about getting customers on-board to help them build the If iCECREAM FACTORY brand from the ground up.

"In keeping with the spirit of personal customisation, we are inviting people to visit the Strand store before May 17 and tell us what flavours they’d like to see being made in our very own production factory," Mr Bailey said.

"The old Cold Rock signs have been transformed into interactive blackboards and we’ll be encouraging customers and by-passers to chalk their feedback and then join us on Facebook to continue the conversation online."

The official Grand Openings of the IF iCECREAM FACTORY stores are expected to take place in mid-June.

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IF iCECREAM FACTORY is a slightly quirky concept store that focuses on involving customers with the
ice-cream making process by encouraging them to choose from a range of classic and off-the-wall ice-cream flavours mixed with a variety of fruit, nuts and sweets, in various edible packaging options.

The name 'IF iCECREAM FACTORY' refers to the brand's key points of difference:
1. that all its icecream is made in the local factory
2. that the ‘production line’ continues at the counter as patrons customise their purchases with the inclusion of ‘nuts and bolts’; and
3. that patrons are encouraged to create their own concoctions by asking “What if…?”

The stores aim to provide an up-market ice-cream experience unlike any currently available in Townsville.

There are plans to open three IF iCECREAM FACTORY stores in the former Cold Rock locations at The Strand, Cannon Park and Magnetic Island.
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