Monday, March 23rd, 2009
After waiting nearly a month for the Liberal-National Party and the Labor Party in Queensland to release their small business policies – neither party has, or will.

“The fact that Queensland appears to be a small business policy-free zone is a sad indictment on the major parties vying to govern one of Australia’s most prosperous States,” Jaye Radisich, CEO of the Council of Small Business of Australia said today.

“Queensland small business owners and operators have been snubbed in this State election, with neither party announcing comprehensive packages that could help see the sector through these troubled economic times.”

“We know that small business is the biggest non-Government employer in Queensland and COSBOA is astounded that neither major party has released a detailed policy specifically addressing small business concerns.

“The entire country needs to be focused on keeping small businesses afloat to keep nearly four million Australians employed.

“The major parties have missed their chance in Queensland to demonstrate their ideas for a way forward.”

Jaye Radisich said that the ‘me-too’ announcements by both major parties that they would cut payroll tax was welcomed, but questioned how many small businesses would benefit.

“Any relief for businesses paying payroll tax should be applauded,” Ms Radisich said.

“But we all know that payroll tax is a tax on jobs, and it only applies to businesses with a payroll of $1 million or more.

“Most small businesses turnover nowhere near this threshold and the major parties have been caught with no plan for those left without tax cuts.”

“The most obvious policy that could be implemented in Queensland is State-based funding for independent business advisory services, like Small Business Centres in WA or Business Enterprise Centres in NSW.”

COSBOA acknowledged the commitment by the LNP to re-establish a Minister for Small Business, but said that did not amount to a small business policy.

COSBOA calls on both major parties to guarantee that more of the State’s planned record infrastructure spending would be contracted to small businesses and that projects, whether in the cities or in regional Queensland, would go to local small businesses wherever possible without being burdened by insurmountable tendering processes.


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Neither party in Queensland has, or will, release their small business policies after a month of campaigning


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