Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Iconic Antipodean Event

Surrealist artist Andrew Baines again astounded bystanders when he created his latest live installation, the “Post Modern Backyard”, at 7am on Sunday May 1 on Bondi Beach.

At dawn Andrew covered the sand of Bondi Beach with eight full size Hills Hoists complete with colourful flowing garments.

The Hoists were complemented by mums hanging out their washing on the beach, while wearing dressing gowns and slippers.

Andrew’s latest surreal installation highlights the loss of the typical Aussie backyard due to the increase of high density living and demonstrates how contemporary families have been forced to turn to public spaces as an alternative to the traditional family backyard.

If Sydney had a backyard, it would be Bondi Beach and every Australian backyard needs a Hills Hoist. Naturally, Bondi needs several as the bigger the yard the more Hills Hoists you need!

For more information and to see Andrew’s previous events please visit www.andrewbaines.com

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Andrew Baines

Andrew has presented numerous other surreal installations. In March 2011 he placed six live cows into the Indian Ocean, with assistance from the Dairy Industry and created the “bovine installation”. He has persuaded 80 suited volunteers including Malcolm Turnbull to stand in the freezing dawn surf at Bondi Beach, simply gazing into the sea’s horizon. In 2008, Andrew put the West Australian Symphony Orchestra in the ocean at Cottesloe, with their instruments, to play a symphony in the sea.

For more information and to see Andrew’s previous events please visit www.andrewbaines.com

Contact Andrew
MOB 0419 862 800
PH 08 8356 5821
Laura Peters
P: 08 8114 6167
M: 0404 976 299
W: www.andrewbaines.com


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