Monday, May 2nd, 2011

In April 2011, Pactel International has been awarded a multiyear contract for the management of SamoaTel’s International Telephony business. The services provided will assist SamoaTel in achieving industry best practice and profitability in their international voice services. The project will involve an initial review of SamoaTel’s current international agreements, assistance with re-design and improvement of the international trunking network and continual monitoring of key performance parameters.

Steffen Holzt, Executive Director of Pactel International said: “We are very pleased to be able to combine our existing expertise and cutting-edge network management capabilities so that we can add significant value to the existing practices and processes within SamoaTel”.

Pactel’s initial approach to this large-scale project involves a review of SamoaTel’s current international agreements and benchmarking against their competitors and other regional operators. This will in turn provide the framework for renegotiation of existing bilateral supply agreements and an upgrade to the existing network infrastructure. This will yield savings against the current outgoings and reduced downward pressure on call termination rates.

Adolfo Montenegro, CEO of SamoaTel expressed his satisfaction with Pactel’s holistic approach: “I congratulate Pactel on their ability to integrate their services into a single, end-to-end solution. This arrangement helps fast forward SamoaTel in the improvement of our services for the people of Samoa and allows us to focus on serving our subscribers, our sole mission now. I look forward to working with Pactel in the years to come”, Montenegro added.

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Pactel International

Pactel International was co-founded in 2003 by Andrew Taylor and Steffen Holzt, both with more than 20 years of experience in the satellite and telecommunications industry. In 2000, Steffen Holzt founded Pacific IP Services in New Caledonia, which merged into Pactel International.

Pactel International focuses on satellite telecommunications and broadcast services within the Asia-Pacific Region. Company services include Internet backbone connectivity, VSAT data solutions, VOIP gateways, broadcast and streaming video solutions, international private leased line, equipment hosting as well as satellite ground system and network design. The Company focus is on high quality, customized and affordable telecommunications solutions for the telecommunications carriers, ISPs, government organizations, Mining, Oil & Gas industries, broadcasters and businesses that have a need for dedicated solutions to meet their connectivity challenges.

Pactel International is committed to the highest level of customer service. With the head office in Sydney, Australia, and regional offices in the Pacific Islands, Pactel International offers support to all of their customers who live and work in similar time zones. Pactel International works closely with their customers and adopts a hands-on approach during the design, implementation, and delivery of all solutions.

The Company implements fully customized solutions to match their customers’ specific telecommunications needs; from point to point links through to fully managed networks — all receive the highest quality solutions at extremely competitive rates.

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In March 2011, through a privatisation process, Bluesky Communications acquired SamoaTel, the incumbent telecommunications services provider in Samoa. Formerly the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications under the Government of Samoa, SamoaTel Ltd was established in 1999 through the Telecommunications Services Act 1999. Currently SamoaTel offers wireless GSM services and fixed line telephony as well as broadband Internet to the island’s 180,000 residents. SamoaTel currently owns an island wide fixed line infrastructure and employs about 200 people.
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