Monday, May 2nd, 2011

South Australia is the first state to benefit from the use of a life sized horse designed to help train emergency service workers and horse owners about large animal rescue techniques.

The mannequin, recently purchased from the UK through sponsorship arranged by Equine Veterinarians Australia, has movable joints and is weighted more heavily towards the front end, just like a real horse.

“Horses and other large animals do get themselves into a range of difficult situations such as trailer accidents & falling down wells” said Julie Fiedler, Executive Officer for Horse SA. “Horses used for sporting activities also manage to get into situations if they slip on course or break loose at an event, getting caught in tight spot”

Technical large animal rescue specialist, Anthony Hatch, will be delivering a training course for horse event organisers, owners and emergency workers at Wayville this month. Anthony has trained in the US and UK, and has undertaken rescues in Australia through his role in NSW Fire & Rescue.

The techniques to be practised , including how to safely roll over or drag a large animal, are applicable for any larger animal, including cattle and alpaca.

Further information about the courses can found on or Mob. 0402488306.

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