Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Parent expert calls on ‘everyday’ experts to publish their own parenting manual

Here’s a Mother’s Day gift that helps mums raise amazing kids their way.

This Mother’s Day, psychologist, parenting expert and best-selling author Jodie Benveniste, wants to offer mums the chance to publish their own parenting manual.

Jodie Benveniste, director and founder of Parent Wellbeing, an online resource for feel-good parenting info, isn’t working on her latest parenting book in isolation. This Mother’s Day, she’s offering parents the exclusive opportunity to participate in the makings of her ground-breaking, new parenting book via a Facebook user group.

The unique writing process means that parents who sign up to the Facebook group can get first and exclusive access to draft chapters, contribute their own stories, and connect with other parents who want to raise capable kids, and enjoy parenting more. In addition to contributing to a book that will be published, mums who become involved in the project, will also end up with their own customised manual that outlines how they want to raise their kids.

“There is so much pressure on parents these days to raise amazing kids”, says Benveniste. “A major problem is that parents face information overload. There is so much parenting information, and often it’s contradictory and confusing. Parents have trouble finding parenting info that’s right for them, and this can undermine their confidence. I want to help parents write their own manual, and use the power of social media to spread that message.”

The idea began after Benveniste spoke at the TEDx conference in Adelaide. Benveniste explains, “Recent national research shows that parents of young children report higher levels of stress and unhappiness than people without kids. At TEDx I spoke about parents creating their own manifesto so they can worry less and enjoy parenting more. Parents can then more confidently raise their kids, and both parents and kids benefit.”

The new book will take parents through a step-by-step process to explore their current situation, create their own manual for being the family they want to be, learn practical tools and techniques to raise capable kids, and connect with other parents who are doing the same. Every co-contributor will be named in the book.

Jodie Benveniste is available for interview, and can discuss:

The top 5 problems modern-day parents face
(1) Expectations; (2) Information overload; (3) Right versus wrong; (4) Competition amongst parents; (5) Daily demands versus the big picture

How technology and social media is both helping and hindering parents
The good: (1) Connecting to others; (2) Sharing experiences; (3) Accessing information;
The not so good: (1) Undermining others; (2) Over-comparing; and (3) Information overload.


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Jodie Benveniste, director and founder of Parent Wellbeing, is a psychologist and parenting expert with vast media experience. She has been featured on Today Tonight, The Morning Shows on Channel 7 and Channel 10, in The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, The Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, The Advertiser, The Sunday Mail, ABC and commercial radio, and in all the top parenting magazines. Jodie is also Affiliate Lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide, Editorial Advisor for Family Fun magazine, and mum to two young children.
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