Saturday, April 30th, 2011

A Moveable Feast ~ Sculpture by Tom Bass, Carol Crawford, Margo Hoekstra, Eilat Rabin-Rein, Julie Haseler-Reilly, Gunnel Watkins. Displayed against a backdrop of selected Contemporary Painting, including works by Erika Beck, Sheila White, Hendrik Kolenberg, Peter Laverty, Geoff Harvey and Madeleine Tuckfield-Carrano.
High lights include the 1.5 metre high Sculpture, Tribute, shown in the Salisbury Road window at Artsite Gallery. This will be the only time that this work (conceived and executed by Tom Bass with Margo Hoekstra prior to his death in 2010) will be on exhibition prior to its permanent location on the grave of Tom Bass at Macquarie Fields.
This exhibition is unusual in that the majority of sculptures can be touched, and the exhibition title refers to the portable and interactive nature of sculpture that is often overlooked.

Sculpture should be able to be touched and relocated to new positions around the home, office or garden environment, to fully appreciate the joy and pleasure derived in collecting three dimensional objects.

Carol Crawford's bronze Genesis would look equally magnificent located in a garden landscape or on the lounge room coffee table. Constructed in three almost solid bronze pieces, Genesis encourages an interactive relationship with its possessor.

The "fat" ladies of Julie Haseler Reilly are alive with character and personality. The Hydro stone carvings by Gunnel Watkins intrigue in their play of form and ability to be repositioned on their plinths in intriguing new insights.

Eilat Rabin Rein's Pear is undeniably tactile and evocative of sensual memory, whilst Margo Hoekstra's intimate ladies demand attention.

The barrier between the observer and the untouchable Gallery exhibition does not exist here. The more intimate tactile experience of collectable sculptures offered by this remarkable gallery experience is not to be missed.

Exhibition continues to Sunday 8th May 2011.

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Artsite Gallery Exhibition: A Moveable Feast

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