Friday, April 29th, 2011
Butterfly Boot Camp, the Gold Coast's leading fitness boot camp for women, will officially launch its 8 weeks to the hourglass program on the 2nd of May 2011. This new program promises to deliver better results faster with the 3 in 1 rapid results system, at only a third of the cost of a half hour Personal Trainer.

Charlotte Parker, founder of the Gold Coast Boot Camp, believes she has the rapid weight loss solution and the answer to cost-effective personal, Training in the current economy. “Most personal trainers and many group training providers are just too expensive and don’t provide or cater for the individual needs of their clients”.

Their 8 weeks to the hourglass is a tried and tested system and on average the girls who have gone through the program have lost on average between 6 to 10 kg, dropped 3 dress sizes and stripped inches off their bodies revealing the hour glass bomb shell figure within.

The reason for the success lies in the training program where the group is taught how to exercise and eat when not at boot camp with a 24 hour on line progress and tracking program available to them as well as a tailored program for the individual.

Their training is 3 phase so they cover strength and conditioning with cardio workouts which burn up to 600 calories within the hour. Charlotte says, “Come and see and bring your heart rate monitor you will soon see for yourself why people are lining up to get in to our camps”.

Furthermore, we are experts in providing the appropriate exercise progressions and regressions so each member can train at their own fitness level within the same workout.”

Butterfly boot camp is more than a body transformation because they also believe that weight loss starts in the mind, their program will provide all the emotional support needed to ensure maximum results.

“If you are serous about being the best you can be come and join us today but I give you fair warning our camps are almost all the time at maximum capacity and we won’t take anymore when full”. So contact us today lose that unwanted body fat for good and start living the life only dreams are made of says Charlotte, Founder of Butterfly Boot camp.

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Butterfly Bootcamp Fitness Bootcamps for Women on the Gold Coast

Butterfly Bootcamp is a Gold Coast Based outdoor fitness training program specifically designed by Women to cater for Women.

With locations at Robina, Miami, Surfers Paradise and Pacific Pines there is a location near by.

They run the program all year round.
Charlotte Parker
P: 0432955308


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