Thursday, April 28th, 2011
Grant Archer from LinkBridge says "When your team 'clicks' and you work together like a well oiled machine, it feels great."

Is your team so close that you can finish each other’s sentences? This speaks of great unity and efficiency. However are you unconsciously putting a fence around your team that newcomers can’t get through? Care must be taken to watch how teamwork impacts on newer members of the team.

Unless you consciously make the effort to communicate with and actively involve others, your team runs the risk of becoming a club or a clique, which takes you from an asset to a liability in terms of the corporate culture.

Grant says "Creativity needs some conflict, some spark that questions the norm, seeks to alter what is apparently working, and challenges assumptions."

Working together is a great strength, but it is only part of the picture. Great teams should operate like shark’s teeth, constantly regrowing a string of replacements so that the operation of the unit isn’t adversely impacted when a team member is unavailable or leaves, or even when a new member arrives.

Linkbridge develops and keeps you on track with a management brand and style that suits you. We work with you, and your teams, in practical and meaningful ways, by drawing on extensive experience to deliver real, accessible and relevant learnings.

Grant’s success at working with teams and individuals to develop their own strategic path, or to capture and develop a market, will compliment your overall business strategy. Mentoring and coaching teams and individuals should become part of your overall people management strategy. Helping them succeed, overcome real or perceived issues, and develop their talent to its full potential can only produce a win/win.

None of this needs to be challenging or confronting. We all need a health check once in a while. Take a moment to make sure the team are heading in the right direction, and that you are progressing not coasting. Take the time to health check your team, and make sure your strength doesn’t become your burden.

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LinkBridge: Connect. Inspire. Thrive.

Linkbridge builds the connection between business, people and culture.

The management of the human element of a business is often the most complex and least understood tasks, and yet nothing is more intrinsically important to ensuring long term success.

To succeed in today’s market, businesses must move to align strategies to their people, address reward, remuneration and retention of key staff together with ensuring that training coaching and succession planning is relevant, and linked to strategic business outcomes."

For more information on appropriate exit strategies and managing an effective alumni, email Grant on [email protected]
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