Monday, March 23rd, 2009
Changes both in the spread of malware and in users needs must be reflected by high quality security software. Therefore TrustPort is now releasing an update for products TrustPort Antivirus and TrustPort PC Security. This update, based on past experiences, optimizes the combination of scanning engines.

Home users and small businesses can purchase both antivirus products in the form of one, three or five packs. The software now includes three scanning engines - AVG, Norman and Dr.Web. The Ewido Antispyware Scanning engine, licensed by AVG Technologies is no longer being developed, however its capabilities are now part of the AVG engine.

Customers will appreciate a substantial reduction in the size of the software. "The size of the installation file for both the home and small businesses has decreased for both TrustPort AntiVirus, and TrustPort PC Security by about 30%," describes the change Petr Van?k, head of the development department at TrustPort. "Users can now download and try the software on their computers much faster."

Medium and larger companies can order TrustPort Antivirus and TrustPort PC Security in the form of multi-licenses (more than 10 computers), and they are also entitled to receive TrustPort Management for free. The program in this case contains four scanning engines, and the basic price includes engines AVG and Norman, with the possibility to further purchase a license for Dr.Web and VirusBlokAda.

A substantial improvement to both the security products is the monitoring of locked files. "We can now scan locked files which are normally not accessible for reading, and therefore detect running malicious codes," explains Petr Van?k. "A file which is being used by a running processor cannot be immediately deleted. However our software prompts the user to restart the computer, and then removes the malicious code."

The ability to detect viruses in locked files substantially contributes to the protection of users against current threats. There has also been an improvement in detection when scanning the system registry. While previous versions have only used the Ewido Antispyware engine, the new version now makes full use of all the scanning engines. The software has also noted an improvement in memory use which will definitely be appreciated by users.

Mentioned changes are reflected in products TrustPort Antivirus and TrustPort PC Security, and that includes all language mutations - English, Czech, Spanish, German and Italian.
TrustPort, Inc. is a major producer of solutions for secure communications and reliable data protection. The portfolio includes both products for individual computers and for network servers, preventing known threats and detecting new dangers.
TrustPort client-side solutions provide protection against all kinds of malware, tools for reliable encryption, electronic signature and data shredding. TrustPort server-side solutions offer advanced methods of protecting mail and web traffic of the company. The portfolio is complemented by products addressing certification, timestamps and other areas.
TrustPort, Inc. was founded in March 2008 with the detachment from the development division of AEC Ltd. It now belongs to the Cleverlance Holding, which is one of the largest enterprises in Central Europe providing solutions and services in the field of Information Technology.
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Continuous improvement of the security software offered to its corporate and domestic customers is a top priority for TrustPort. Its antivirus products are continually being evolved and aimed at a higher level of security and greater user comfort


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