Friday, March 20th, 2009

Consumers get better service when web landing pages are relevant to their search terms and the messages in online advertising, according to search engine marketing specialist e-Channel online.

e-Channel CEO Frank Grasso says that irrelevant landing pages turn consumers off search and notes that both Google and Yahoo reward relevant ads.

“They do this by charging you less for relevant ads, which reduces your cost per click,” Mr Grasso says. “Your business is rewarded not only by the consumer purchasing your product but by search engines themselves. The more relevant your ads, the cheaper your cost to release those ads.

“Search engines want to discourage advertisers from placing ads with low relevance. Irrelevant advertising would both annoy the consumer and lead to a loss in sales.”

A new online training video tells would-be advertisers how to design and produce relevant ads and landing pages in a campaign. The “SEM Relevance” video is the second in e-Channel online’s Seven Elements of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Mr Grasso says the video series reveals the processes used in his successful company for more than a decade.

“When working on campaigns, we allocate 25 percent of our time to ad relevance. It’s the most important part of any campaign.

“The cardinal sin of search would be to have your audience looking at VWs for sale when they had searched for Barinas.”

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e-Channel online is Australia’s premier search engine marketing and optimisation agency, delivering highly relevant, targeted search engine marketing campaigns and search engine optimisation for its clients. e-Channel’s innovative search engine marketing platform, DynamicCreative™, is a powerful, patented campaign optimisation tool that assists large database-driven websites gain a competitive advantage by ensuring campaign relevance and increasing click volume and ad response without the extra cost.
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Australian search engine marketing (SEM) company e-channel says ad relevancy saves money and improves results.



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