Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Adelaide based marketing consultancy JWPM Consulting is responding to increasing demand for its services with the appointment of Hamish Cameron as the latest addition to its team.

Mr Cameron was previously a marketing coordinator with medical imaging company Signostics.

"The current economic climate notwithstanding, we are finding an increasing demand for our services," says principal consultant Justin Wearne. "While some clients have cut marketing budgets, many are doing exactly the opposite.

"As little as six months ago clients were saying to me, 'Justin, we don't want any more sales. We can't keep up with delivery dates as it is. Tell us where we can find more production employees and help us to improve throughput'.

"Now the opposite is the case. Sales staff are now sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.

"The demand for assistance with sales and marketing strategies and marketing communications work has lead to a big demand for our services, hence the need to grow our consulting team."

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JWPM Consulting is a specialist marketing consultancy, recognised for its depth of experience and quality of people with expertise in business-to-business (B2B) marketing; hence our tag-line "Industrial Strength Marketing". We have people who have worked in the B2B space as sales people, business development people, and in senior marketing roles. We apply our knowledge and experience to solving our clients' problems, helping them to develop strong brands, win new business, and deliver increased profitability. JWPM was established in 1994.
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Despite the current economic climate, Adelaide based marketing consultancy JWPM is finding an increasing demand for services.



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