Thursday, March 19th, 2009
A gay community and business leader says she is unsurprised but disappointed that conservative family groups have condemned Home and Away for its decision to feature a lesbian relationship on the iconic TV show. CEO Liz James says there may be some misunderstandings in the general community that people can “catch” their sexuality from watching a TV show.

“Same sex attraction is not a commodity that can be sold on television like the latest laundry detergent,” says James, who founded nine years ago, growing it to be the world’s largest social network for lesbians.

“Different ethnicities, religions and interest groups are represented on television, why not lesbians and gay men? Let’s face it, diversity is the reality of life.”

James says that, while Australians see themselves as being fairly liberal, gay characters are featured strongly and regularly on US TV, including the hit series Brothers and Sisters and Sex in the City.

“It seems to be okay to depict gratuitous violence and drug use on TV while ignoring valid healthy relationships… It reminds me of the storm in a teacup after ABC’s Play School depicted a lesbian couple with their daughter at a park back in 2004. I really thought we’d moved on as a society since then.”

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Liz James, CEO of, the Adelaide-based, global social community for lesbians, says Home and Away got it right by depicting the reality of Australia's diverse society.


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