Thursday, April 21st, 2011
Biodental Remin received enormous interest in its Anticay tooth remineralising products when it exhibited them for the first time at the International Dental Show held in Cologne between 22nd and 26th March.
BDR’s aim for the exhibition was to arouse interest from some prospective manufacturing partners in the dental industry. That objective was easily surpassed as a result of the overwhelming interest in the technology and the products from a large number of global and major regional companies.

Managing Director Tim Erskine-Smith said, “apart from the hundreds of individual dentists that you always speak to at such shows, we had hugely enthusiastic responses from dozens of potential manufacturing and distribution partners from every corner of the globe. Everyone we spoke to quickly recognised the enormous opportunities for products that take advantage of the unique properties of Anticay. Requests for samples and follow up discussions on co-operation were the order of the show."

Among the new potential partners are:?
• A north-Asian pharmaceutical company with annual revenues greater than $1.5 billion.
• A global dental company which has manufacturing plants in North & South America and which is widely recognized as being a leading source of high quality, innovative dental products.
• A large manufacturer of dental and oral care products that has a global market presence and is especially strong in the USA and Japan.?
• Two separate major European-based manufacturers and global distributors of dental and oral care products.
• A southern European specialist oral care company with a turnover of more than $125M in its home country
• A pan-European distributor of oral care products to pharmacies and supermarkets.
• A pan-European distributor of products specifically for children’s dentistry.
• A major South-American manufacturer and distributor of dental & oral hygiene products.

Ian McIntosh, Director of Business Development said, “it’s very exciting to have so many solid enquiries from major companies in the dental industry. We are busy doing non-disclosure and evaluation agreements with the best of them. The typical evaluation period will be 1-2 months and a subsequent supply agreement with just one of these major companies will ensure the success of Biodental Remin.”

According to Tim Erskine-Smith, “of particular interest to the market was the fact that our Anticay professional products work so quickly, and for the first time remineralisation can be a chair-side procedure. This opens up the possibility of additional revenue streams for the dentist and delivers improved dental care to the patient."

Tim and Ian agree that the Anticay technology will find many applications beyond dentistry and oral hygiene. However endorsement by the dental community and recommendations by dentists to their patients is our first step towards achieving large sales of the products in pharmacies and supermarkets.

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