Thursday, April 21st, 2011
Aussie Battler HomepageDAILY wins stoush with Google

A new show of the works of photographer Bill Henson recently opened in Sydney at a time when HomepageDAILY has just won a Henson-related freedom of the press battle with Google.

With an informal slogan of ‘Don’t be Evil’, Google is the self-professed multi-national that always tries to be good. Yet, when HomepageDAILY published an article on changes to Child Pornography laws in NSW featuring a Bill Henson photograph, a private complaint was made to Google. The response was to quickly disable homepageDAILY’s AdSense account claiming that the image was pornographic; even though it and similar images are easy to find on Google’s own image search tool with the recommended SafeSearch ‘Moderate’ filter.

The article which recounts this strange story and the events around it is published on Wednesday 20 April as a ‘Front Desk’ article at

The unsettling action opens up a whole host of questions, including what this says about Google’s ability to infringe on freedom of the press and the arbitrary and one-sided ways in which it enforces its company policy.

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